Access Health CT Mobile

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Access Health CT Mobile

Access Health CT Mobile (ahCT Mobile) is the only App of its kind anywhere. It is the official App for Access Health CT, Connecticut’s Health Insurance Marketplace and makes it simpler for consumers to get government subsidies and buy health insurance plans from multiple insurance providers.

ahCT Mobile streamlines and enhances the consumer experience for Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) by digitizing the business model and providing consumers several useful features at their fingertips.
It is available for iOS and Android at:


Using this App, users can:

- Screen themselves for government benefits for buying health insurance, including Medicaid, CHIP, Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and Cost Sharing Reductions (CSR)
- Get a quote for health insurance within seconds and comparison shop health plans from multiple health insurance providers
- Create and account and buy health insurance, including getting a government subsidy if they qualify. This is the only App that allows customers to buy a health insurance plan completely from the convenience of their mobile devices
- Submit verification documents for health insurance plans and government subsidies using the camera of their mobile device, streamlining a time consuming government process
- Access a mobile inbox that provides instant access to messages and notices from the Health Insurance Exchange


ahCT Mobile is a full service SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that not just powers the mobile applications for Access Health CT but can also be used to rapidly provide these digital services to other State Health Insurance Exchanges and Private Health Insurance Exchanges.

Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) are transforming the health insurance industry by providing a competitive marketplace for individuals to compare and shop for health insurance plans from multiple insurance carriers, empowering them to choose their own alternatives. Insurance carriers and both public and private Health Insurance Exchanges need to develop business models, capabilities and offerings that rival sophisticated product companies such as Apple and Proctor & Gamble to keep up with this trend.

ahCT mobile provides key capabilities for this, that HIX organizations and insurance carriers can leverage via a sophisticated, and quick to implement SaaS solution that significantly reduces the time, cost and risk for implementing these digital services.

ahCT Mobile includes several business and technology innovations that make it possible to provide these digital services:

- Configurable mobile applications that can rapidly be configured for providing the branding, look and feel and business requirements for Health Insurance Exchanges
- The first and only standard digital API for Health Insurance Exchanges that simplifies and standardizes the complex data model and services for Health Insurance Exchanges
- A secure, cloud platform that allows providing these services in a highly extensible manner and inter-operates seamlessly with the complex business systems of health insurance exchanges
- A state of the art security implementation to provides seamless and reliable authentication across web and mobile platforms

The Patient Protection and affordable Care Act (ACA), and the emergence of State Based Public Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) and Private Health Insurance Exchanges, are transforming the Health Insurance Industry. Since its launch on October 1, 2013, Access Health CT is one of the most successful State Based Health Insurance Exchanges nationally, helping over 300,000 Connecticut residents find coverage, reducing the State’s uninsured rate by more than half.

With ahCT Mobile, Access Health CT is a visionary leader pioneering the application of digital technologies to Health Insurance Exchanges. ahCT Mobile has utilized these technologies to transform and evolve Health Insurance Exchanges to the next level by digitizing the business model to significantly enhance the consumer experience while streamlining the process for enrolling in benefits and buying health insurance.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Lifestyle

Nominated for: January 2015 AwardsBest Mobile App

Price: Free

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