About The Best Mobile App Awards

Our strategy has always been to focus on recognizing great apps and app developers. As led by a web and mobile developer, The Best Mobile App Awards fully understands the process it takes to get a new mobile app recognized and into the public spotlight.

Very few mobile apps gain popularity quickly. With this in mind, we have built our platform around servicing our award nominees and winners. We feature submissions as much as possible throughout our comprehensive newsletters, our homepage, in press releases and other online marketing channels. We even built certain sections of our platform to highlight "Featured Developers" and "Featured Apps" that deserve added recognition.

We are the resource for app developers to feature their best app creations. Nominees that win an award will be winning an award having been judged by numerous experts in app design and development.

BMAA History & Background

The Best Mobile App Awards journey started in 2012. Time flies when you're having fun, as it feels like just last month we app designers and developers were together in a room looking for a resource for better app exposure.

We felt there needed to be one central authority to highlight the best mobile apps available on the market. After building the beta site, it was quickly overwhelmed with heavy traffic and lots of nomination submissions, so we knew we were on to something.

BMAA was built as the platform to showcase and feature the latest and greatest apps all in one place rather than having to search and scroll through thousands of apps in the app stores.


We would not have had the success we have had without a dedicated group of individuals who truly believe in the power of mobiles apps. Apps have changed the world is so many ways and we are very fortunate to have the ability to showcase the best and brightest from around the world.

Founder - Eric Solan

Eric created Best Mobile App Awards because he knew the hard work and the struggles that go into creating innovative mobile apps. He also knew that it was not easy to market even the best mobile apps. His solution was to create a platform to give those hard working app developers an opportunity to showcase their work.

Eric has developed and published over 20 mobile apps with close to a million downloads. His web development skills allowed him to also create websites for over 50 small, large and enterprise businesses while being a partner in several small companies including Keeptab Project Management Tool and SolcoMedia Web Solutions.

He worked for the International Culinary Center in New York City for 7 years as Lead Applications Development Analyst & Supervisor. Following his work in New York City, Eric worked as lead developer for 3 years at a rising New Jersey Web Development Agency. He continued working with Informed.co, an industry-leading Amazon and Walmart repricing company, as an Engineering Manager for 7 years before moving into a Director of Software Engineering role at AbleTo, a mental healthcare organization.

A 2004 graduate from Seton Hall University with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Eric also received a certificate in Business and a degree in Mathematics. Outside of work, Eric enjoys playing hockey, snowboard and spending time with wife and 3 children.

Search Engine Optimization - Christopher P Keenan

Chris has been a SEO professional since 2007, helping small businesses excel in their search rankings. He creates a customized strategy based on specific goals and needs.

Chris is a special part of this team not only to help Best Mobile App Awards, but he puts a special effort into each app that is submitted to increase their visibility.

Outside of BMAA, Chris loves spending time with his family and cooking, many times doing both at the same time! Chris also graduated from Seton Hall University.

Social Media Marketing Manager - James Bethe

James is a marketing nerd, husband, father of identical twin boys, and secret fifth ninja turtle! Helping businesses grow with creative marketing strategies is a huge passion of his. He enjoys the challenge of nurturing and inspiring customers with marketing content that tells a story and inspires current and potential customers. His goal is to educate, inspire, and change the way people and businesses use and consume marketing one creative step at a time.

Content Marketing Manager - Adam Smith

Adam has been a freelance writer for many years prior to BMAA. He has experience in not only writing and marketing, but running his own companies. He knows what it takes to push a product or sell a brand, so he takes that into consideration with each and every aspect of what he does at BMAA.

When Adam is not writing, he is playing hockey or on the beach. Adam graduated from the University of Southern California.

Our end-goal

We pride ourselves on a nonbiased process in selecting the best mobile app award winners via a committee of highly experienced app designers and developers. These leaders of the industry are dedicated to uncovering the next big player in mobile applications.

We cover all markets, from Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone to wearables like Android and Apple Watch, to ensure every app gets a chance to be considered among the best there is, regardless of operating system.

No matter what category your app falls into, The Best Mobile App Awards has a contest for you. We host a multitude of contests including Best Music App, Best Game App, Best App for Children, and many more.