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Apartment List

Apartment List, the web’s fastest-growing apartment rental marketplace, is on a mission to make finding a home an easy and delightful process. Apartment List hosts over three million rental units on its platform (8% of the entire rental market) and has reached more than 66 million users in over 40 cities since its founding.

Designed for the busy modern day renter, Apartment List helps them find the best apartments or homes for rent based on their individual requirements. Looking for a home can be competitive, especially in certain markets, and Apartment List’s app is making the rental process easier for on-the-go renters with its personalized, user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features.

With real-time notifications, apartment seekers stay up-to-speed on new units available on the platform, rent specials that are offered, and how rent prices are changing for units they’ve expressed interest in. Apartment List also notifies renters how many other users have saved or liked the units they might be looking at so they can see for themselves how hot (or not) a unit may be.

Apartment List also caters the search experience to each renter depending on how active his or her search is. Active, daily users will receive more notifications knowing they are trying to find a home more aggressively and less active users who are casually looking may only receive updates once a week.

Just this month, Apartment List announced a major partnership with Facebook Marketplace that demonstrates how fast they’re growing and how in-demand their platform truly is. Now, users can seamlessly browse Apartment List’s high-quality rental listings without ever having to leave the social network’s website.

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