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We are a smart visitor management mobile app for closed circuit of residences complex, buildings or corporate offices. Ariah, is a native application for iOS and Android, and one of our features is let our users to announce their visitors to the security office and share/send an invite with a QR (Via Whatsapp or any other messenger) to the visitor for a simple access with a scan of the QR. Actually the invite contain the security rules, biosecurity access rules and any other relevant information as a special instructions for access.

Actually our app is developed in spanish language, expanding to English and Portuguese in the next 3 months.

Our process: log in (google, apple or email) --> register your home, office or department --> welcome/instructions --> wait for administrator approval --> once approved (30seg), access the landing main screen.

The main screen options: Announce Visitor (or group) button, see what guests are already announced in you home, office or department, menu button, easy-call security button, messages and notifications button (new messages are indicated with badge).

There's four principal actors in our process:

1. The Announcer or Host: The person that has already registered his home, office or department.

2. The Visitor: The person with an special access as a guest. With a QR code.

3. The receptions or security guys: They receive the visitors list directly from the announcer (Host) in a digital logbook in the iOS or Android device through Ariah Complementary App, wich works with the Ariah License for the complex or buiding.

4. The administrator: This is the app owner, this person could let other users access to authorize new host or announcers, enable or disable announcers, and has a administrator access to all the process, edit complex or building rules etc.

Aditionally you can manage Staff, Frequent authorized visitors and delivery guys. The app is contacless, and has the option to setup as added security for the complex or building. Each Principal User (Principal Host) can add, manage, authorize or disable the sub-users in his home or office department. Ariah has a lot of functions for users and administrators.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Productivity

Nominated for: 2020 Spring Awards
Gold Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: Free

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