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Fan Votes: 4 is opening up a world of new possibilites for car shoppers by offering them new ways to discover content. Traditionally, people searching online for cars to buy have started out with a good idea of what they might want. The tools available online for customers generally require this kind of upfront work. That’s a fine way to connect shoppers with whatever they already have in mind – but the downside is it doesn’t offer any flexibility for customers to consider or even know about other options that could be as good or better. for iPad is changing the by providing a variety of ways to search and discover new possibilites. As a result, buyers enjoy more choices, while sellers get broader exposure for their listings.

The app is designed for shoppers to enter at any of four points, each of which represent a different way to search:
-Search by make addresses the traditional route of looking for vehicles that match a specific description, such as Ford Escape
-Search by style broadens the possibilities by letting shoppers explore different makes and models that meet a more general description – SUVs, for example
-Search by price delivers results based on the cost metric
-Search by dealer provides the flexibility to find any dealer that has a model that meets the buyer’s criteria – not just Ford dealers, for example, but all dealers who have Fords for sale

Once they enter the process, shoppers can narrow their search by applying filters such as vehicle proximity, mileage, color and so on. for iPad wanted to create a delightful car shopping experience from start to finish, resulting in confident, purchase ready car shoppers. The app provides an avenue for AutoTrader to explore offering different online search approaches without risking the short-term revenue declines that can come with dramatic changes to existing search structures. In addition, it creates new potential for monetization through expanded advertising opportunities that arise from more diverse ways for dealers to reach buyers. Simply put -
-Enable car shoppers to more easily discover content online
-Provide an engaging mobile experience by giving car shoppers an easy way to search and find, regardless of device type
-Create a mobile testing ground for to try out new search methods
-Increase search monetization through expanded advertising opportunities for dealers

The app is marketed towards car buyers, 26 years and older. The app provides shoppers a variety of ways to start their search, either by the make, style, price, or dealer, with additional filters that narrow the search criteria. The app enhances flexibility by leveraging GPS tracking to find any model and dealer location that meets the shopper’s criteria. This allows the users to contact the dealers, and save and review current car listings. The app and features provide an effective opportunity for advertisers to reach shoppers at a specific point in the shopping process.

Since it’s release, the iOS app has seen gigantic success. The iPad version has landed the #25 spot on Apple’s Best Lifestyle apps list, and the handheld iPhone earned #7 on the same list - out of 600,000 apps total!

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2017 Late-Summer Contest
Gold Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App 2014 Early Fall Awards
Silver Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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