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Awakened Mind

The Awakened Mind mobile application has been designed as a support tool to assist you with Leadership Development, Developmental Growth Mindset Culture and Health & Wellbeing initiatives. Awakened Mind provides a variety of educational and practical content your employees can use as individuals or as teams.

• World-class content: evidence-based, researched training programs designed with the support of globally recognised topic experts
• Integrated learning: videos, podcasts, other digital resources, practices, and support functionalities to foster a developmental attitude
• Scalable: all digital programs come with a facilitator guide and offer a group learning experience for any leader or employee to facilitate
• Designed to drive results: all programs encourage a regular practice and integrate with the app’s feedback tool to drive accountability

The content was designed by leadership & mindfulness global authority, Michael Bunting (author of the best-selling book The Mindful Leader). The application is being used by organisations like Ernst & Young, Salesforce, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Airservices Australia, and many more...

What’s included?

Training programs:
• Mindfulness essentials
o Unlock tools to understand mindfulness and self-awareness
o Understand the mind and what gets in the way of mental wellness
o Develop sustainable practices for ongoing development and wellness

• Mental wellbeing essentials
o Learn a framework for understanding the basics of mental wellbeing
o Take action to reduce the habits that erode mental wellbeing
o Take positive action towards your life purpose and values

• Sleep health
o Explore the relationship between sleep, health and wellbeing
o Discover rituals and practices that promote quality sleep
o Unlock a range of high-tech sleep support audio tracks and resources.

• Stress and resilience (April 2021)
o Understand the causes of stress, exhaustion and anxiety
o Develop brain friendly strategies for high levels of resilience
o Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks

• Pain and mindfulness
o Reduce the mind's amplifying effect on pain
o Develop the emotional resources for coping with pain
o Find calm and peace despite pain

• Illness and mindfulness
o Support your immune system
o Develop mental wellbeing in the midst of illness
o Use acceptance to access support, peace and healing

• Developing Self-Compassion (end 2021)
o New evidence shows that self-compassionate people learn and grow faster than people with an over developed inner critic.
o This program helps people to identify and silence their inner critic by replacing it with compassion, curiosity and growth based insight.

• ADD-ON: The Mindful Leader - Mastering growth & development (introduction video)
o Evidence based leadership & employee development program
o Develop the core practices for a developmental, growth mindset culture
o Integrates adult growth, ACT (3rd generation of CBT), neuroscience and more
o Suitable for: all leaders and all team members if part of a culture change.

• 300+ dedicated, guided meditation tracks for sleep, stress management, resilience, or to enjoy with kids
• 300+ Neurosync™ tracks – world’s most advanced brainwave entrainment audio technology
• Group program facilitator’s guides: group programs yield 30 times the engagement that individual learning does
• 360 Check-ins to build a feedback culture

Group programs:
• Simple and user-friendly
o Most programs come with a facilitator’s guide with instructions on how to do the program as a group. Simply read through and let yourself be guided through an empowering team exercise. No expertise required; anyone can facilitate the program.
• Limited commitment required
o *Most programs demand approximately 6 hours of commitment from all participants over a span of 6-8 weeks:
o 2 hours of in-app, self-paced learning experience
o 4 hours of group reflection sessions

Create a feedback culture: 360 check-ins:
Our research indicates that working on a new behaviour in conjunction with developing soft skills is a powerful combination as it helps develop new skills in all aspects of our life.
Our 360 check-ins tool helps your employees measure behaviours they would like to work on throughout the program. Michael Bunting's the Mindful Leader Framework consists of 66 behaviours your employees can select from, depending on the program they choose and their specific circumstances.
Video of Michael explaining 360 check-ins.

Awakened Mind collaborated with the National University of Singapore to run an independent, academic research study on the impact of Awakened Mind in the workplace.
• 8 companies, 22 groups, 218 employees across the globe
• Companies include: Novartis; Johnson & Johnson; Dentsu Aegis Network; Salesforce; Pearson; Airservices Australia…
• Each group went through the Mindfulness essentials program for teams

Focus: +22%
Flow: + 25%
Work Engagement: +37%
Job satisfaction: +22%
Emotional exhaustion: -58%
Leader perceived effectiveness: +25%
Team perceived effectiveness: +13%

The full, peer-reviewed academic paper has been approved for publication by Frontiers of Psychology in March 2020.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2021 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2021

Price: Freemium

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