Baby Kicks

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Baby Kicks

When a pregnant woman feels her baby’s movement in utero for the first time, there’s a rush of excitement. It’s difficult to explain exactly what it feels like, though many compare it to a butterfly-like sensation.

At first, you wonder if that’s what you actually felt. Was it your baby kicking, or just a muscle twitch? Soon, it becomes unmistakable as the kicks grow bigger and stronger.

Imagine being able to capture those moments and keep a record of them. Now, picture sharing a graph with friends and family members via email or on social media, so they too can share in your enthusiasm.

Building a mobile app wasn’t something I’d initially set out to do until it became my purpose.

A patient once shared an app she was using with me—something that tracked her baby’s movement, but she’d complained that it was overly cumbersome. What if somebody created something easy and fun to use, something that encouraged you to use it?

With the inkling of an idea, I knew I was onto something. Still, it really cemented the idea when using a screen recorder app that had an icon feature on the screen at all times and in a moment of serendipity wondered if I could translate a similar type of feature in a new way in an app that records baby movements.

It was something I needed to investigate further. I couldn’t let go of the idea once it grabbed hold of me. I had a wish list of what I wanted the app to include, but seeing it come to life was amazing. The way it all translates into the final product was exciting to see. My ideas were coming to life through this amazing little program to help new moms add a heartwarming experience to their pregnancy. I couldn’t be happier or prouder of the final application. I hope new moms enjoy the experience.

Baby Kicks is a tracking app that helps you save and cherish your baby’s movements. Be sure to share this with those who are expecting, so they too can share in the joy of saving and tracking their baby’s movements.


* One of a kind on-screen widget to record movements without having to open the app every time

* Record of baby movements with the date and time stamp

* Graph of baby movements shareable via email, social media, and chat apps.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2020 November AwardsBest Mobile App Design

Price: Free

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