Band name game

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Band name game

Do you know a lot of band names? Challenge friends, play when its convenient.

Think you know a lot of band names? Let's find out!

Play the Band Name Game with your Android and Facebook Friends to see who knows the most band names. The game is easy and addicting, and you can play in your spare time like Words With Friends.


• Create a game with one of your friends, a friend on Facebook or jump into a random game with a stranger

• The first person names any band name, singer, group or artist, like "Sublime"

• The opponent then must play another band name that STARTS with the first or last letter of "Sublime", so "S" or "E".

• It's as easy as that!


• Turn-based design lets you play any number of games simultaneously

• Any band, singer or artist can be played

• Love a band? Simply tap a band name and you can purchase any album by that band at a discounted rate on Amazon!

• Bands that are played that aren't recognized get sent to the opponent for review. The opponent can accept or reject them

• The band-database learns as more people play it, so it will always be up to date with the latest and upcoming artists and bands

• Invite and play your Facebook friends

At any time, simply tap a band name to buy any album from that band at drastically discounted rates on Amazon using the simple 1-click purchasing process.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Entertainment , Media, Music & Video

Nominated for: 2013 Overall AwardsBest Game of 2013

Price: Free

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