BetterMe: Mental Health

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BetterMe: Mental Health

BetterMe: Mental Health is an app for a balanced and mindful life.

The solution grants a holistic approach to better well-being. The app provides users with tailored plans for throughout-the-day practices, science-based and experts-backed information for relationship management, deeper awareness, and coping with different emotions.

Also, in BetterMe: Mental Health app, users can find:

- Courses by top psychologists & mental health experts covering specific issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and promoting positive habits like Mindful Eating, Focus, Motivation, etc. Also includes challenges for No Smoking, Self-Love, Quit Gaming, No Alcohol, No Coffee;
- Special courses, dedicated to specific topics, including Dealing with Holiday Blues, Black Heritage and Identity, LGBTQ+Me, etc;
- Interactive courses in micro-learning courses, which include modules with single learning objectives provide immediate access to essential skills and knowledge on mental well-being.

Users receive science-based and experts-backed information and practical tips for relationship management, deeper awareness, social support, and coping with different emotions.

BetterMe: Mental Health app is available worldwide in 9 languages. More than 150M people worldwide have decided to become better with us.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2023 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of 2023

Price: Free

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