Blipp | Locate. Map. Share.

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Blipp | Locate. Map. Share.

Unlike other GPS location apps that share where you are, Blipp lets you share where you have been. Create a library of special memories and never forget where those moments happened. The place you were proposed to, your favorite family vacation spot, or the place you hit a hole-in-one – all of these locations become the points on a map of your life’s history.

Users can post a Blipp (location share) within the app and also share via Twitter or Facebook. Users can connect with other Blipp users (Facebook friends) to share Blipps with them and to get notifications when the user is within a certain proximity to a friend’s Blipp. 

Blipp is packed full of features including access to nearby historical markers. Download the Historical Markers add-on to see what history happened nearby.

Blipp takes location based sharing into the social arena and embeds it firmly into your regular sharing routine - now your memories are set and shared so everyone can share the milestones of your life with you!

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2016 April Awards
Platinum Award
Best Mobile Tool or Utility 2014 Summer Awards
Platinum Award
Best GPS-Enabled App

Price: free

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