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BodyKey App

A simple weight loss equation is when you use more energy (calorie expenditure) than you consume (calorie intake). But, is it that simple? Obesity is a growing problem and it is a real global public health concern. To help people manage their weight and live a healthier lifestyle, the BodyKey offers a personalised weight management program that tailors to individuals based on their current body and state of mind. The program is designed by combining four powerful elements – innovative fitness device, the BodyKey assessment, scientifically formulated products and community support.

The BodyKey App, which works together with these elements, plays a key role in the program in getting a comprehensive picture of your health and fitness. With a better understanding of your body, the program will automatically design a plan just for you, also, the app helps to track your weight loss progress:

TRACK ACTIVITY: When connected with an InBodyBAND, it accurately records your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep.

LOG FOOD INTAKE: Easily log calories with expanded food database. Also, you can see your daily meal history and total calories intake.

SEE HOW YOU SLEEP: Monitor how much time you spent awake, restless or peacefully sleeping.

PERSONALISED FOOD & EXERCISE ADVICE: Setting your goals helps to give you more personalised food and exercise advice that gets you in the right direction to achieve your fitness goals.

STAY MOTIVATED: Make your weight management journey more fun and motivating as it comes with the new BodyKey challenges:

  • Amway Organised Challenges are official weight management challenges conducted by Amway periodically.
  • Self-Organised Challenges are solely managed by users themselves. You can challenge other individuals and teams in any country within Southeast Asia.

Unlock a new you with BodyKey.

Watch the following videos to learn more:

How To Get Started On BodyKey App 2.0 -

BodyKey App 2.0 Challenge -

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

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