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Imagine this:

You travel to a city.
You'll like to see and explore.
You don't have hours to plan on
when, what and how to get there

BonGEO App will create a city travel plan in 60 seconds!
Saving you time and saving trees!

Dream. Explore. Discover.
Great journeys - Fascinating places.
Your journey ... Your discovery.

Check out the App Preview Video:

Who are we?
BonGEO means Good Earth and it rhymes with Bonjour (as in French: Good Day to your Travel).

We strive to help you on travel planning, down to day-by-day hour-by-hour scheduling. We show beautiful photos of interesting places, where you can choose based on your liking, and generate a detailed travel plan ... all within minutes. We include resources such as photos, videos, opening hours, cultural and historical facts. No more hours of browsing to plan nor find the best place to visit. We save you valuable time so you can maximize your visit.

1. 100+ cities
From a list of top US and Global cities that are popular among travelers, tourists and adventurers. 100+ cities at launch and more are being added daily.

2. Select from beautiful pictures
Select any single or multiple photos (beautiful and inspiring) from places of interest in the selected city.

3. Detailed Travel Plan
The app presents a detailed travel plan, complete with start/end time, maps, routing from point A to B, C, ..., and Z, rating, reviews with useful facts, history and cultural information.

4. Update plan on the go
Your journey can be edited/deleted, re-order or re-route with simple action. No more paper-weight to carry, and saving trees. No more stress due to schedule change.

5. Share your travel plan
You can share travel plan, add/delete photos, write reviews, rating and share on social network.

6. GeoPostCard
A neat feature is to create a GeoPostcard that you can email friends and share.

7. eBook and PDF
Create eBook travel guide of your schedule to share with friends and family and those who travel with you. Generate unlimited version of eBook as your plan changes.

If you can't find what you want, don't hesitate to email us at

We welcome all feedback (the good, bad and ugly). We want to solve your problem and save you time. Your input will shape the future and vision of BonGEO.

The passionate team behind BonGEO.

City list: (100+ and counting)
• London, Dublin, Edinburgh - UK & Ireland
• Paris, Nice - France
• Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Florence, Milan - Italy
• Athens, Greece
• Vienna - Austria
• The Netherlands - Amsterdam
• Germany - Berlin
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Czech - Prague
• Hungary - Budapest
• Spain - Barcelona, Madrid
• Portugal - Lisbon
• Russia - St Petersburg, Moscow
• Singapore, KL, Bangkok, Manila, Ayutthaya
• Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi
• Indonesia - Bali, Jakarta
• Kathmandu, Nepal
• China - Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing
• Taiwan - Taipei, Kaohsiung,
• Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto
• Seoul, South Korea
• Australia - Sydney, Melbourne
• New Zealand - Queenstown, Auckland,
• India - New Delhi, Agra, Mumbai
• Dubai, UAE
• Egypt - Cairo
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Mexico City, Mexico
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Lima, Peru
• Marrakesh, Morocco
• Canada - Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver
• 40+ US Cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
• Austin, Dallas, New York City, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Lifestyle , Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2015 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Overall Best App of 2015

Price: Free and Paid $1.99

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