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Center your health for a more balanced life and a better state of well-being with the Centered App. Conventional
research suggests that meditation and physical activity can lead to reduction in stress, increased heart health, weight
loss, and many more health benefits. Further, achieving the health benefits of meditation and physical activity does
not take hours of concentration or costly programs. In fact, simply being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and daily
activity can have a profound and long lasting impact on your overall health.

Centered combines the benefits of both mindfulness based meditation and activity tracking into one app; which
challenges you to take control of your well-being. The app begins by helping you set realistic goals for weekly
meditation and physical activity. First, using activity data already being collected by your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or
iPhone 6 Plus through the M7/M8 data through Healthkit, Centered determines a suggested number of steps you
should be taking a day. You can choose to accept the suggested goal, or challenge yourself to do more.
Next, to start the meditation experience, simply watch a brief introductory session which teaches you the basics of
mindfulness based meditation. Once you are comfortable with the mindfulness approach you can choose from a
number of meditation sessions to help you achieve a better state of mindful awareness. You can even schedule
through your iPhone's calendar to remind you when it is time to take a meditation break.

Once you have chosen a plan, your task is to "center" your well-being by achieving your daily goal. You can track
your progress throughout the week and try to exceed your previous week’s goals. Moreover, the step counter breaks
the day into 20 minute segments which allow you to view the times of day when you are most active. Also, before
and after each meditation session you will be asked to rate how relaxed you feel. Over time you will likely see both
your before and after score reflect a more relaxed and centered state of well-being. Finally, if the app notices that you
are consistently hitting your goal, it will send you a message suggesting that it may be time to up your numbers.

Centered is based on clinical research by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, the University of Massachusetts, and the
Adler School of Professional Psychology that suggests brief regular sessions of mindfulness based meditation can
result in reduced stress and increased overall health.

List of all the features in Centered:

The Centered App allows you to:

• Set a personalized daily steps and a weekly mindful meditation goal
• Schedule reminders to meditate with time suggestions based on open times on your iCalendar
• Steps activity is automatically recorded whenever you have your phone with you. No need to open the app.
• Meditation sessions include: short mini meditation session, mindful meditation and body awareness meditation

Centered Version 1.1 has iOS8 capabilities including Healthkit integration to collect steps data as well as the ability to
add a Today view widget that quickly shows the user their progress towards their steps and meditation goals. Please
note that due to Apple's bug with healthkit, this update will only be available in the App Store when Apple has been
able to fix their issue and allows apps with Healthkit to go live that incorporate it. V1.1 update also include the
widgets functionality.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Overall App of 2016 2014 Early Fall AwardsBest Yoga & Fitness Apps

Price: Free

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