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Nowadays, most of the organizations try to build a robust social media presence that spans across several platforms, and a high percentage of their interaction with the customers take place via multiple mediums. On the other hand, the customer base is engaged across multiple platforms by multiple companies. This inevitably leads to a lot of ineffectiveness, noise, and faltering engagement rates. Sensing an opportunity to help organizations and users establish stronger connections, CIVL, in partnership with HubSpire, launched an app that has done well to address all of these pain points.

We understand the challenges involved in running an organization. Things can get even more difficult while trying to spread out over multiple platforms. In order to make lives easier for the businesses, we put our technical skills and expertise into delivering a simple solution that not only makes sense to those looking to manage their groups, but also to those who are looking to join a group.

Functionally speaking, CIVL is a mobile-first solution for running, growing, and engaging an organization and its members. It relieves users from the arduous practice of hacking together multiple tools and platforms. With CIVL, organizations are no longer required to worry about their emails getting ignored, deleted, or sent to spam. CIVL also makes it effortless for the users to connect directly with their group and allows them interact on the go.

In the recent years, the phenomenal growth of artificial intelligence has brought about a whole new sphere of possibilities in the world of mobile applications. Inspired by AI and machine learning, there has been a paradigm shift in the way developers and businesses visualize interactions using mobile apps. HubSpire takes pride in informing that one of the most significant features of CIVL is that it utilises an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the emotions in the content posted by the users and thereby creates a better understanding between the organization and its members.
Some other key features of the app include private chat room, member polling, news posting, attendance management, event creation, job posting, petition formation, media upload, and much more.

Many members have informed us that after joining CIVL, they have been more engaged, better informed, and more responsive within their groups. This has been made possible by the incorporation of several tools that really matter to organizations in a clear and engaging way. Compared to other platforms, CIVL’s main focus is on providing a higher degree of meaningful interaction between an organization and its members, while removing many of the privacy concerns that are so prevalent in today’s social media ecosystem.

Appreciating our efforts, a recent user of the app mentioned, “Contact members / chat / polling / news / events and more. I really like the layout and feel. Great work!”

The feedback from the users suggests that we have managed to create a solution that has helped them become more efficient without the hassle of using multiple tools. We remain committed to delivering world class technology solutions to change people’s lives.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Productivity , Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2018 September AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: FREE

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