Clash & GO

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Clash & GO

Clash & GO is a mobile game that uses blockchain technology and combines several genres: a geolocation game in Augmented Reality (AR) and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles. By means of the CGO token created by our company, players will be able to manipulate the fusion of the virtual and the real world.
Clash & Go goes far beyond what is normally found in mobile games. Unlike other city-builders and tower defense games, it is not constrained by the boundaries of the screen of the user’s smartphone. Clash & GO gameplay offers two gameplay modes: Strategic and AR (augmented reality). Simply put, the users continue to play even when their smartphones are off, and all of their previous actions affect the virtual world.
The player’s task in Strategic Mode is to use careful planning to command the base entrusted to them and upgrade it so as not to allow other players to seize its resources. In AR-mode, Clash & GO uses geolocation and turns the surrounding world into a real battlefield.
Players travel on the map in real time, collect resources on it, perform geolocation quests, search for containers with modules, for mines that generate antimatter, and other rewards.
Players capture geoobjects - points of interest located in important or interesting places in the city.
If a player tries to capture a geoobject that is already under the control of another player, a real-time battle begins.
Players perform geolocation quests and hunt for artifacts and treasures.
The gameplay encourages players to join clans in order to control territory together with friends and extract even more resources, and as a result, tokens.
Players with tokens on their account can move geoobjects closer to their home or workplace. The decision to move such objects will be made by general voting. In this case, the number of tokens affects only how often a player can vote. However, the tokens will not be spent and will remain in the internal Clash & GO crypto-wallets of the voting participants.
Every Clash & GO player earns CGO tokens that can be transferred to their crypto-wallet. Tokens can be purchased at the Auction in exchange for antimatter, which can be collected from mines or acquired on the external exchange. To support the demand and prices of the exchange, the Game will spend 15% of the revenue to buy tokens from the exchanges and subsequently burn them.
Clash & GO blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. Finally, users will get the opportunity to influences the game in real time, get acquainted, create alliances, advance together to victory, and earn cryptocurrency at the same time. Thanks to its innovative gameplay, high security, and the use of blockchain technology, Clash & GO opens up new horizons not only for players and crypto enthusiasts but also for the whole industry.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: RPG , Strategy , Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2018 August Awards
Silver Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: Free

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