Clinell Training Package

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Clinell Training Package

Every year, over 4 million people in Europe get a healthcare associated infection – with 37,000 dying as a result. Effective cleaning of healthcare environments is critical to protect patients, visitors and staff and to halt the emergence of superbugs. In 2004, GAMA Healthcare revolutionised infection control practices with the launch of the Clinell Universal Wipe. The Clinell Training Package is the next step: the most accessible, fun and comprehensive infection prevention and control software suite ever compiled.

Developed in conjunction with some of the leading infection prevention and control (IPC) specialists in the UK, each individual application within the package is designed to arm infection prevention professionals with the very best tools in their fight against healthcare associated infections.

Their flagship application, Evaluclean, is the most advanced system available for evaluating environmental cleanliness. IPC professionals can mark clinical surfaces with the included fluorescent markers. These marks are invisible until illuminated with the included UV torch. Infection control teams can wait for normal environmental cleaning to take place and then record presence of marks in the tablet-based software. Not only does fluorescent marker mimic the microbiological data more accurately than other systems (such as ATP bioluminescence), but the use of a UV marker system in an ICU resulted in 40% more surfaces being cleaned.

Evaluclean is completely customisable, allowing healthcare organisations of any size and structure to audit their cleaning effectiveness at micro or macro scale. Evaluclean generates stunning reports that provide infection prevention professionals with the easily readable data they need to make informed policy and training decisions.

Based on the same framework is the Clinell Commode Audit Tool. Faeco-oral transmission is responsible for several significant healthcare associated infections, including Clostridium difficile. The Commode Audit Tool helps ensure proper decontamination procedure is followed at all times, preventing these infections before they occur. Reports can be generated by ward or by commode. When combined with the AskMe survey app to assess staff perceptions and competencies, infection prevention specialists can make informed purchasing decisions and identify areas of an organisation that may need further training.

In areas where infection control practice is inadequate, the Clinell Training app allows infection prevention specialists to create beautiful slideshows in minutes. Our pre-populated slides cover a broad range of topics and are easily supplemented with the included best practice videos. All the training content is based on the most up-to-date evidence and, in addition to being hyperlinked to the relevant studies, is detailed and appraised in the accompanying "Protecting the Patient" 50-page booklet. All training can be supplemented with the Clinell Games: teaching everything from proper wiping technique to recognition of key, high-touch points in a way that's interactive and fun.

The Clinell Training Package allows infection prevention specialists to make better, more informed decisions. It frees them up to spend more time engaging with staff and advocating evidence-based policy. Most importantly, the Clinell Training Package helps ensure every patient gets safe, effective healthcare.

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