Creating Character "in Kids"

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Creating Character "in Kids"


Think of the Creating Character “in Kids” app as a chore and
behavioral chart delivered on a 21st century
mobile platform.  This app is the tool
parents need to establish clear rules and expectations with their children who
are in their elementary school years.

Creating Character “in Kids” aims to
instill good behavior, responsibility, discipline, and morals in your children
AGES 5-9.   In addition, the app will significantly reduce
the amount of time parents spend managing a child’s chores, allowance,
homework, and behavioral expectations.

A comprehensive video tutorial of the
app can be found at


Why Creating Character “in Kids”?

Being a parent is one of the most important and
challenging roles we will play in our lives. 


Parents want their children to grow up to be
happy, productive, moral and self-responsible citizens. Children want their
parents to be more clear and consistent with their direction and expectations.  The Creating Character “in Kids” app will help
both children and parents.


Experts widely agree that creating a strong,
healthy character in your child starts with three parental responsibilities:

     Setting High
Expectations of your children that reflect your positive value system

     Setting Clear Rules
for your children’s behavior

     Setting Clear
Rewards and Consequences for your children

Creating Character “in Kids” is the tool that
simplifies, memorializes and executes these responsibilities.

Key Benefits

There are several key benefits to the Creating
Character “in Kids” app.

The app will MOTIVATE KIDS to be more responsible, respectful
and pleasant.

The app will help children find an INTERNAL COMPASS that is
consistent with your defined values and beliefs. 

The app will help kids develop the habit of doing good which
in turn will help them discover a healthy SELF CONFIDENCE and SENSE OF

The app will help parents appropriately REWARD or provide
natural CONSEQUENCES to children for either meeting or not meeting their weekly

The app will FREE UP PARENTS from all the TIME spent arguing
and micromanaging kids regarding chores, homework, sibling rivalries and other
common childhood problems.


At the core of the Creating Character app are 3
areas of holistic, age appropriate goals your child will pursue.  The three focus areas of the goals are:

Improving their MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Establishing healthy RELATIONSHIPS with family, friends,
neighbors and others.

Teaching them to respect their COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT.


Goals, Rewards
and Consequence Database

The app provides over 300 suggestions of various goals,
rewards and consequences.

Additionally, the app provides the ability for parents and
children to establish their own custom goals, rewards and consequences.


Synching and

The app includes online backup and storage for FREE

The app includes synching across multiple devices for FREE

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2014 Summer Awards
Silver Award
Best App for Children and Toddlers

Price: 3.99



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