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Dogalize is the best social network dedicated to your dog.

Dogalize is an application that can interact with all social networks (facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, You Tube) allowing the user to share information, experiences, photos and videos of your dog with the other owners.
geolocation allows you to pinpoint the location of our 4-legged friends, places and local dog-friendly playgrounds, restaurants, specialty shops.

The user can communicate with his friends through single chat, group chat, audio call, video call using camera.
Users can share his/her experiences and get in direct contact with the other users.
our friends will always have a call center where a veterinarian will be available, even in video call.
a specific section for Kennels( who) where they  can enter and share images and video of abandoned dogs waiting to be adopted.

Dogalize is the social network for our best friend.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Entertainment , Family & Children , Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsOverall Best App of 2014

Price: Free

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