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Drink-O-Tron is quite possibly the greatest drinking game EVER!! 

Drink-O-Tron is AD-FREE, and it always will be. Our goal is to present the best gameplay experience possible, and ads just get in the way. We want this to replace that old deck of cards with something even more exciting! 

Simply press the button to draw a card, and do whatever that card says! Waterfall? Thumb Master? Make A Rule? Categories? They're all there and more!!! 

Our easy to use, one-button gameplay is just one example of "keeping it simple!" Load up your deck with a variety of cards and enjoy! Looking to get a quick buzz? Load up the Drunkard and Tipsy packs! Playing with your crush? Well the Flirty pack better be included! Mix and match, or load them all up for the ultimate experience! 

This app is funded through an in-app purchase program that will help us sustain the quality of the app. There are 20 cards available for FREE upon downloading the app, and 10 card packs are available for only 99 cents. We plan on making more decks free in the future as we develop this game further and add more packs. So please, join us and have fun with this game as we grow!

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Entertainment

Nominated for: April 2015 Awards
Gold Award
Best Lifestyle App 2014 Summer Awards
Silver Award
Best Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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