Escrow Trakker for Lawyers

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Escrow Trakker for Lawyers

?? Enjoy Simple Painless User-friendly Escrow, Trust and IOLTA accounting

Escrow Trakker combines innovation with cutting-edge programming, automation, and cloud computing to solve ALL the issues associated with escrow/IOLTA accounting, and more.

Track up to 200 separate Trust and IOLTA bank accounts flawlessly. Escrow Trakker eliminates time consuming custom spreadsheets and ledgers to give you quick, worry-free escrow accounting. Quickly and easily enter deposits and withdrawals and assign an account, customer, job, and lawyer to each transaction using the drop-down selection menus. Reconcile monthly or daily with your bank statement. That is all there is to it. EscrowTrakker does the rest.

Flexible Reporting

EscrowTrakkers extensive pie-chart and report tools let you see the data metrics you need to know now:
• How much is in trust or IOLTA for every job
• what account is the money for
• which lawyer is associated with it?

Dial up companywide metrics:
• for each customer & job
• for each account
• for individual lawyer
• for the entire firm

Print customer escrow statements to accompany monthly invoices as required in many jurisdictions

3-Way Reconciliation in Seconds

Go from hours to minutes a month managing your multiple trust and IOLTA accounts. Eliminate the time-consuming manual process of 3-way reconciliation. Reconciling general checking ledgers, customer balances and bank statements is difficult, painstaking and often inaccurate. Escrow Trakker generates a real time 3-way reconciliation report automatically and stores this data in the cloud permanently with copies of checks and bills.

Time Saving Functions

Escrow Tracker streamlines your accounting with features like:
• On-screen interactive bank account ledger - see individual customer balances and transactions on screen
• Print and e-mail 3-way reconciliation, trial balance summary, profit and loss and bank ledger reports
• Drop-down auto-fill selection menus for quick and easy data entry
• Extensive preinstalled on-board chart of accounts
• Easily edit and customize chart of accounts
• Check printing - 1 or 3 checks to a page format
• Search function - locate any transaction in the system instantly
• Recurring transactions - post recurring transactions automatically
• Split transactions - distribute deposits or withdrawals to multiple income or expense accounts
• Bank account overdraw notifications - never trigger a state audit by overdrawing your IOLTA - Never spend unrecleared funds
• Image capture of customer deposit checks - and - bills - stored permanently in the cloud as required
• Multi-platform - works equally well from smartphone, tablet, or desktop
• Pass-code or fingerprint log in for security
• AI enhanced for great user experience
• Patent pending database technology
• Secure and accessible cloud storage of all entered data
• Extensively beta tested to provide a bug free, error free experience
• Secure cloud hosting by Amazon web hosting services in USA

Worry-Free Compliance

Never worry about an audit again. With Escrow Trakker your trust and IOLTA accounting files are always current, your records are secure, and you are always prepared.

EscrowTrakker was designed by our programmers and engineers to simplify the painstaking task of reconciling bank accounts by transaction ledger and customer balance simultaneously, and to record the flow of money in and out of the system by a chart of accounts. We did it and we think nothing else comes close to our solution!

Eliminate 90% of the time and resources dedicated to your Escrow, Trust and IOLTA accounting each month, while significantly improving efficiency, compliance, and accuracy.

No other software required.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Productivity

Nominated for: 2021 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2021

Price: $24.99/year

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