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Event-discovery app eventseeker is an all-knowing guide
to everything going on in more than 2,000 cities. Featuring a dynamic and
intuitive user interface, eventseeker minimizes search and maximizes discovery.

Eventseeker syncs to a user’s social networks and device
libraries to deliver tailored event recommendations based on location,
interests and mutual interests of friends. Unlike other event recommendation
engines that allow computers and algorithms to do all of the heavy lifting,
which leads to less than accurate and engaging recommendations, eventseeker’s
approach to discovery also includes in-house human content curators. Combing
event offerings in nearly every city to populate the app's hyper-localized and
highly accurate database, the app delivers a greater selection of events straight
to the user.

Recommendations are broken down into categories:

concerts, theater, sports, festivals, nightlife, arts & museums, family,
educational, communication, business & tech, tours and dance. Selecting a category
allows the user to view a list of upcoming events in an easy to digest format,
which includes the event’s name, time and a photo representation of the
upcoming event. With its simple layout, visually appealing color palette,
eventseeker has brought users the best in design and convenience for event

With eventseeker, you no longer have to go out and search
for information on what is going on in your city; the app delivers details
directly to you. When events approach that match your interests, the app sends
you alerts, which direct you to the interface, which is easy to read, engaging,
and allows users to declare their attendance, express their desire to attend,
or access tickets easily. Users can also seamlessly add events to their own
personalized eventseeker calendar, easily switch to their friends’ event
calendar and artists’ newsfeeds quickly with the quick access menu.

eventseeker’s all-encompassing interface makes it the perfect
personal event planner and ultimate travel companion.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad , Windows Phone

App Categories: Entertainment , Lifestyle , Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2014 Spring Awards
Platinum Award
Best Mobile App User Interface

Price: Free

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