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Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is the world’s first content-creation keyboard that allows users to find, design and invent the trendiest and smartest ways to express themselves. With Facemoji, users can fully customize their keyboard based on their preferences and create and share unique, expressive designs—elevating the communication experience beyond just texting to include popular trends and pop culture references, so all users can be trendsetters in content creation.

The app has rich in-app resources including customizable emoji text art and keyboard skins, fonts, preset messages, kaomoji, well-known character sticker packs, AI-assisted messages, DIY capabilities and more—so users can text with style and flair. Users can then share their unique creations in the in-app community and interact with one another. The social aspect of Facemoji Keyboard fosters a community that encourages creativity and inspires users to create things they’ve never thought of before.

New unique app features include:

Big Font Text Art Generator:
- On Android, Facemoji can generate big font text art of any word or character a user enters.

Keyboard Skin Community:
- This in-app social feature offered on Android allows users to upload the keyboard skins they design to the in-app community and interact with other users' designs via likes and comments.

Customizable Emoji Text Art:
- On iOS, users can put emojis and color blocks into existing templates or in a blank grid to create unique emoji text art. After the emoji text art is created, users can choose to save them to their favorite art collection and share with friends.

Rapid Fire:
- This feature allows users to choose various rapid-fire text themes. Users can choose to send preset content of messages with symbols and emojis under different themes like "K-pop" and "Love."
- On some apps, users can hold down the theme, and the Facemoji app will automatically send several messages that include symbols and emojis.

Facemoji AI:
- This feature is an AI assistant that offers new ways to customize English messages. The keyboard includes six key AI messaging features: Change My Tone, Smart Reply, Grammar Check, Caption Wizard, Hashtag Generator, and Smart Compose.
- The Change My Tone feature generates messages tailored to the user's selected tone, and the Smart Reply feature recommends quick responses based on the messages users receive.
- Grammar Check scans messages for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and other language issues. For emails, the Smart Compose feature uses AI to craft thoughtful and complete messages based on a few keywords.
- Available on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the Caption Wizard and Hashtag Generator features enable users to create more meaningful social media posts by suggesting creative captions and proposing trending hashtags, based upon the user's social content.

The app features 5,000+ emoji (both standard and exclusive), emoticons, stickers, emoji and text art, symbols, and GIFs. It also provides 1,500+ free themes for a wide range of styles and aesthetics, such as Japanese anime, K-Pop idols, cute animals and more. Further, Facemoji’s 2,000+ stickers are compatible with popular apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, TikTok and Telegram.

Facemoji Keyboard has over 500 million global downloads, supports 120+ languages and is available to users in 190+ countries and regions for free on Android or iOS.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2023 - April Award ContestBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: $185

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