Flappy Friend

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Flappy Friend

Hilarious and addictive action game! 
Cute characters! Customize your flyer!

This is a simple game in which you have to navigate your flying hero past the obstacles. You do this by tapping your finger repeatedly. 
Each time you click, the flappy friend flies up. Don't make them fly too high or they will die. This means you have to tap at the right moments to make them go as far as you can! 

This addictive game not only lets you chose from 4 cute characters and 4 hats, it lets you choose a picture from your library for your hero! Watch a flapping hero with your face or the face of a friend! 

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Casual Games

Nominated for: 2014 Overall Awards
Silver Award
Overall Best App of 2014

Price: 0.00

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