Florida Blue

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Florida Blue

The new Florida Blue mobile app gives members an easy way to get their health plan information on the go. The app takes advantage of modern mobile technologies like fingerprint scanners, push notifications, and GPS to help the user find relevant information about their plan. The app allows members to navigate through their plan details, view claims, view their ID card, find support tools, and find doctors and or medical facilities relevant to their plan.

The leading industry capabilities we have deployed with this new app include:

Built on React Native as enterprise HIPAA compliant solution for millions of members
Touch ID (iOS and Android)
One Click Urgent Care locator covered by your plan and based on geo-location (less than 5 seconds)
Find Doctors covered in your plan based on geo-location (less than 5 seconds)
Digital ID Cards (less than 5 seconds)
Affordable Care Act Education (less than 5 seconds)
Detailed Benefit Information about the costs of services both in and out of network (less than 5 seconds)
Claims Search (Less than 5 seconds)
Pay your Bill (less than 5 seconds)
Click to Call for Support for Member Service (less than 5 seconds)
Search for Prescriptions (less than 5 seconds)
Compare Prices (less than 5 seconds)
Accessibility Features

The Florida Blue app was built using React Native to work seamlessly on IOS and android devices. React Native is defined by its simplicity, administered on a large scale. The library is a hybrid of JavaScript called JSX, and it couples this hybrid with standard HTML and CSS to build the interfaces and functionality. Each React Native component is transformed into its native Android or iOS counterpart. React Native allows developers who have no knowledge of the native mobile languages to build fully formed mobile applications. Another advantage of React Native is its openness. The library is open-source with an active community. React Native provides developers with the tools to integrate it from scratch using the same process the library’s core components were created with. In short, mobile applications created using React Native are built faster, with the same quality, and for a fraction of the cost of any other mobile development process out there.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2017 Fall Awards
Platinum Award
Best Designed Mobile App

Price: Free

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