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Technological advances has changed the way we communicate and smartphones are playing significant role in the way we communicate now. It’s a powerful medium and there is no denying that it ranks high up on the list of various modes of communication. There is enough data that has been gathered to establish this. Enough has been said about its reach and influence on human life.
However, there are a segment of users, which to an extent remains deprived of this potent mode of communication. While netizens and millenials are driving use of technology, elderly people struggle to cope with using this technology to change their lives. Though they have access to this technology, yet they remain away from it due lack of help with using it and ease of use. There is so much this technology could do for this segment of users. Buying devices made of elderly users is a costly affair. This app is an attempt to ensure elderly people adopt technology and enrich their lives.

The highlight of the app is its user-friendly interface for elderly users. App provides easy access to phone’s inbuilt features such as calling and messaging. There are 5 main features SOS, Reminders, Social Connect, Nearby Services and Weather.
For easy accessibility, Voice Assist for navigation and interactions within App and Contextual Help is provided.
Multi-lingual support ensures wider usage if this app.
This App is available on iOS (7+), Android (4+) and Windows Phone (8.1 and 10) smart phones.
App has a dashboard which provides easy navigation to following features:
In case of emergency this will send an SMS to all the contacts in the emergency list, and a call will be made to the first configured contact.
• Reminders
Senior citizens normally need to take medicines or consult doctors on regular basis. One can set the reminder for medicine dosage or doctor's appointment. A notification will be received on mobile at the set time.
• Nearby Services
Provides details of nearby hospitals, police stations, community centers and fire brigades displayed systematically on the map. User can get the directions and call the numbers displayed for a service. Radius for search could be adjusted.
• Social Connect
View the learning videos and guidelines about social applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype. Apps mentioned can directly be launched from inside the app. These motivate users to adopt such technology.
• Call
As senior citizens would find it difficult to call/communicate using the mobile provided interface, an alternate user-friendly dial pad is available which can be viewed without any strains on eyes.
• Message
Access message Inbox, outbox, draft and templates and a read aloud option is provided.
• Weather
Weather updates based on user location and weekly view.
Additionally, following features facilitate user experience:
• Help screens
Help screens are also provided on each page for the ease of understanding the application.
• Multi-lingual support
Chinese simplified (Mandarin) and English will be supported.
• Voice Assist
Hear the actions on the smart phone through an automated voice. This is also has multilingual support.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Lifestyle

Nominated for: 2016 March AwardsBest Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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