GCC 100 Day Journey

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GCC 100 Day Journey

The GCC was developed over a decade ago to improve the health and performance of employees around the world. Our program has transformed the cultures of thousands of the world’s leading organizations and changed the lives of over 1.5 million employees across 185 countries.

Our scientifically developed, clinically proven 12-month program fundamentally improves employees' relationship with exercise and nutrition and instills in them a new sense of self-belief, personal responsibility and resilience.

The program starts with the GCC 100 Day Journey, a virtual race around the world designed to get employees active again.

Our program has a simple mission - to get the world moving.

In the GCC 100 Day Journey, we shift the behavior of each of our 320,000 participants so they transition from an average 3,000 steps per day to an average of 13,000+, well above the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended 10,000.

But what makes our program so effective when there are myriad apps, wearable devices and health and wellbeing programs out there?

It’s simple - a blend of science and fun ensures our program is truly engaging. We know people won’t do what they don’t enjoy, so we take our audience on a journey using entertainment and intrinsic reward so they get active, take back control and truly embed healthy new habits.

GCC apps provide fun and support on the go, appealing to each of our audience types, whether they’re competitive and driven by the need to out-perform, social and looking to interact with a global community for support and encouragement, or explorers looking for new ways to get active as they unlock new locations on their virtual journey around the world.

GCC’s apps tap into an increasingly mobile workforce and extend our health and wellbeing program beyond the confines of the PC desktop - and office hours. Whatever appeals to get our participants moving, and support them in other healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, we’re with them every step of the way.

The corporate health and wellbeing world is full of 'wearable device' initiatives and 'quantified self' programs which position data, stats, and gadgets over and above everything else.

We are different. We’re not here to tick a box, we’re here to actually fix the problem. We’re here to get the world moving.

To that end, we’ve taken 10 years of experience in behavior change and extended this across the mobile domain to develop a rewarding and interactive health initiative underpinned by gamification and behavioral psychology principles. And it’s completely focused on outcomes.

An interactive global community of some 320,000 participants form teams and take part together in a life-changing virtual journey around the world for 100 consecutive days from May to September. Aiming for at least 10,000 steps each day, participants receive instant reward for health-related achievements, not to mention peer support from colleagues and the global community at large.

Our simple-to-use, but evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness and health and wellbeing delivered through the mobile apps and fully responsive site has helped over 122,000 iPhone® and Android™ users measure, track, and improve their physical activity levels. Importantly, it has made getting healthy fun again and leads to our participants forming and embedding healthy new habits for life.

We designed the apps and fully responsive site from the ground up with a focus on user experience and interaction. In order to entertain, inspire and motivate our participants over a 100 day challenge, participant engagement was top priority across the whole design and build.

A range of participant personas and user profiles, reflecting the broad range of participants who take part in our program (from the highly inactive who may not have undertaken any physical activity for many years to the extremely physically active), were used to inform each element of the apps.

During the design and wireframing stages of app development, we continually validated our assumptions, screen interactions and user flows to ensure the apps suitably rewarded participants' efforts every step of their journey. Rewards include: real-time trophy awards on entering activity and achieving key milestones (e.g. 1m steps); rewarding new activities such as cycling and swimming; providing engaging and visually compelling journey content, and providing instantly updated personalized stats, in order to make physical activity fun, engaging, and intrinsically motivating for our participants, whatever their starting point.

A comprehensive marketing campaign from ‘countdown’ pre-launch to launch and in-event cross-channel communications has resulted in more than 122,000 participants downloading the iPhone® and Android™ apps to date. Marketing messaging focussed on giving our participants the broadest experience possible.

The GCC journey put the world at their feet and with GCC apps, it was at their fingertips too. ‘Out of the office’ does not have to mean out of touch.

Over years of successful campaigns, participants have come to anticipate the apps’ launch with excitement and a real buzz is felt throughout the GCC community. Word of mouth kicks in as the campaign builds and this maximizes our results as the apps become available for download with over 80% of downloads occurring one week into the 100 Day Journey.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: September 2015 AwardsBest social / lifestyle app

Price: Free

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