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Hallow is a faith-based meditation app that combines the peace, stillness, and mental health benefits of meditation with the spiritual growth of authentic Catholic prayer. As a group of former secular mediation app users, we enjoyed the centered-ness that meditation brought to our daily routines, but still felt like we were missing a deep sense of purpose in our lives.

After asking a few faith-leaders whether the Christian church has any "meditation stuff," we discovered that there is actually an incredibly rich and beautiful 2,000+ year old tradition of contemplative prayer that has been at the core of hundreds of millions of people's faith journeys over the course of history.

The crazy thing is that although only 14% of US adults self-report meditating at least once a year, over 70% report praying at least once a WEEK. There are more than 1,300 meditation apps, but almost none of them have anything to do with the Christian faith. We built Hallow to fill that void and to contribute to the emerging faith-tech movement.

The app itself helps users develop or deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided contemplative prayer sessions ranging from 5-15 minutes in length. We have numerous daily meditations, including ones on the Gospel of the day and the Rosary; "praylists" focused on topics like love, joy, hope, humility, gratitude, and preparing for sleep; "challenges" on areas of the faith, like the Our Father, that users may wish to reexamine in detail; and TED Talk-style "Guest Sessions" led by faith and lay-leaders from across the country. You can choose a male or female voice for any session in the app and we will be in Spanish by the end of the year.

In less than 10 months since launch we have over 50,000 downloads across more than 10 countries, 200k cumulative prayers prayed in the app, a 4.9 star rating in the Apple App Store, and are now the #1 result when you search "Catholic" in the US App Store.

We would love for you to check us out and #letpeacebewithyou

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