Headway: Fun & Easy Growth

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Headway: Fun & Easy Growth

Headway is a book summary app that provides fun and easy growth. It gives you key ideas and insights from the world's bestsellers. Listen, read – choose any format and grow on the go!

The Headway app helps users worldwide feel motivated, learn, and do more, but also overcome FOMO. We help our users to make self-growth a sustainable habit with whatever format suits their needs best.

Users can interact with the app by:
- reading & listening to 15-minute summaries from the best nonfiction books available as both text and audio performed by professional voice actors
- enjoying daily insights & widgets that motivate
- earning streaks to keep learning further
- receiving curated collections according to their preferences
- learning with spaced repetition feature to effectively memorize facts and insights
- highlighting and saving the best insights from the summaries

The Headway app inspires people to get learning that entertains on such topics as Productivity, Happiness, Self-Growth, Business & Career, Leadership, Money & Investments, Negotiation, Love & Sex, Health, Home & Environment, Negotiation, etc.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2024 - Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2024 2023 - Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of 2023

Price: 59.99$

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