Hover Blocks 3D Live Wallpaper

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Hover Blocks 3D Live Wallpaper

Beautiful magic glass blocks with stars, inspired by Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation

Cute, fully customizable 3D themes inspired by Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation. Blinks, glares, flashes, colors and glows from rotating glass pieces, makes beautiful impressions on the screen. Modify object's transparency, shininess, colors and movement. Illuminate your own 3D world with up to 5 animated light sources. Arrange an unique game of glowing lights, which will create awesome depth and volumetric lightning effects. Environment mapping will add an unbelievable golden flashes. For a quick effect, you can choose from a 24 predefined profiles: Chaos Night And Day, Intergalactic Forces, Real Steel World, Nexus Galaxy Boot, Lollipop Flashes, Overlighted Fuzzies, Stargate Tunnel, Hover Hexa Cross, Inside Space Station, Interstellar Galaxy, Blurry Blue Flips, Twilight Spirals, Chaos Black And White, Inside Underwater Base, Spring Flashes, Blurry Spring, T-Gold, Play Silver, Spiral Fog Zoom, Nexus Galaxy Boot BW. Or You can also create and save up to 5 Your own user profiles.

These translucent objects, which shining like hundreds of diamonds, flies in different directions and makes beautiful impression of lights and colors transformation and diffusion. Decorate Your device with this unique live wallpaper - absolutely for free. Dazzle Your Friends with milions of colors glow from Your phone. Enjoy awesome waterfall of beautiful colors, flashes and glare with these Hover Blocks 3D Live Wallpapers. The unique game of lights, glows, blinks, smudges, colors and glares enchants everyone. An ocean of a fabulous possibilities is waiting for You, download now for free! With just one magic touch you can:

-play and pause animation (swipe down). When objects are frozen, the parallax mode and animated lights still works
-quick access to Hover Blocks 3D settings (swipe up)
-affect to camera rotation, especially moving camera like a DJ scratches a vinyl (swipe left and right)

Don't afraid to compose, experiment and discover a new 3D worlds with manipulate a Hover Blocks 3D settings. Tinder your creativity with an unique 3D Hover Blocks world! Especially interesting results gives a combination of contrast colors. The only limit is your imagination!

Main features:

-24 predefined profiles
-5 user definable profiles

-up to 500 objects on the screen
-moving along up to 3 axis
-rotation around up to 3 axis
-adjustable distance range from center of rotation
-size and flip cycling

objects materials:
-up to 6 different color pairs (for color cycling)
-specular shininess
-specular intensity
-enviromment mapping
-environment saturation

-up to 300 sparks on the screen
-flashing animation
-moving along up to 3 axis
-rotation around up to 3 axis
-adjustable distance range from center of rotation
-color cycling

-2 defined sky colors, for continuous palette generated between them or for color cycling
-adjustable distance from camera to fog start
-adjustable distance from camera to fog end

central light:
-glow intensity
-glow size
-glow color cycling

-standing / animated light selection
-up to 5 animated lights simultaneously
-definable color for every light independently
-adjustable lights distance from center
-7 lights speeds
-glow intensity
-glow size

-adjustable camera parallax effect
-independent camera rotation for each of XYZ axes
-defocus / blur effect
-camera init XYZ angle

-gyroscope/accelerometer interaction
-adjustable sensors limits
-gestures recognition:
-swipe down - play/pause animation
-swipe up - quick access to settings
-swipe left/right - rotating camera in customized 3 axes

All these features and more without penny-absolutely for free! Download now!

You can affect more than 80 different parameters. It gives You almost infinite possibilities of create, modify, compose Your own Hover Blocks 3D worlds. Enjoy!

FB https://www.facebook.com/HoverBlocks3D/
TT https://twitter.com/HoverBlocks3D/
Insta https://www.instagram.com/hoverblocks3d/

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

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Nominated for: 2016 October AwardsFan Favorite

Price: Free

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