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“I-Am” is a completely new and exciting way to do social discovery on mobile, “I-Am” is the virtual You in your mobile phone or tablet.

As you move through the day “I-Am” moves with you in the virtual world associated with the real places you visit.

I-Am is never the same, it changes every second as world changes around you - new faces, new events, new chats all in a dynamic and trendy way to spend time.

I-Am is an application for getting to know and communicating with people around you.

Install the application, upload your very best photo and RECEIVE scores of messages from people who want to SOCIALISE exactly with you!

Over 2,000 new users register at our application daily, so you will experience no shortage of people to talk to!

Stay online to get to know fascinating new acquaintances from everywhere, no matter where you are: home, in classes, in a nightclub or at work.

Invite your friends to join so that more interesting people start using the application!

More than 300,000 people with a wealth of interests have already installed the application, which means that you will definitely have a peg to hang a thing on!


LIKES - rate the photos of other users and see who rated your photos. Upload your cute photos and get the attention of other users!

AUDIO MESSAGING – supernew I-Am feature, which allows you to be in touch every minute: communicate at work, in school or during sports training sessions.

Tell an anecdote, sing a song, talk behind the wheel while staying focused on the road.

Convenient, fast and easy!

Stay tuned!

Keep up with your friends!

FLIGHTS is a feature that provides you with an opportunity to go on a virtual travel anywhere (whether it is an adjacent courtyard, a local club or a city a thousand kilometres away from you or even in a different country) to see who is there now, get to know and socialize with them.

INTERESTS - you can find people by interests.

Cars, music, sports, entertainment... Add your interests and communicate with people of your own choice!

More interests results into extra occasions for communication!

SHARING - share the profile of a user that you liked (or who surprised you) with your friends.

Be generous and boast of fun people before your friends - share their profiles in social networks or send a personal link via an SMS.

CHAT is convenient and speedy, enabling you to exchange photos, images, gifts, and share your location (it is so much easier to indicate a point on the map and provide directions to reach it than to explain where you are now)

CIRCLES is a feature that enables you to add the users you like to your circles as it pleases you and create new circles.

Do not lose track of your old friends and new acquaintances!

PROFILE - all you need to enable other people to start adding you is filling in basic information for an easy registration and uploading your most stunning photo.

NEARBY - look who is around at the moment.

Activate filter and communicate only with the users that you take an interest in.

GIFTS - receive delightful gifts from your new acquaintances.

Reciprocate:) After all, we give gifts to each other for pleasure.

EVENTS - there is always something up and coming in the application - new users, photos, statuses.

The wall displays latest events in the application.

I-Am is never the same, it changes every second as world changes around you - new faces, new events, new chats all in a dynamic and trendy way to spend time.

Discover new people, events and things to do around you. Exchanging opinions, likes, pictures and much more in a fun and simple way. Or simply lay back and enjoy the show of real people and interactions unfolding in front of you.

"I Am" is all about simplicity and access for everyone - everything is free, no long registration forms, no annoying Ads, confirmations, etc.

Just install I-Am and fire it up to join thousands around you right away.

With new mobile social discovery app i-Am you can meet, date, chat, flirt with other people around you and have a lot of fun.

- meet and date with people near you, online

- chat with new friends, send photos and pics

- flirt with beautiful users and have fun

I-Am (I Am) is not like facebook, linkedin, mamba, badoo, sayhi, mobimeet, twitter, instagram, blendr - it's a new way to discover many interesting things around you right now!

I Am waiting you sign in!

Find "I Am" on the iTunes App Store and the Android Play Market

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Lifestyle , Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2013 Overall AwardsBest App of 2013

Price: Free

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