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IHG GeoGuessr

How can you guess where you are, if you’ve never been? Easily. The IHG ® Geoguessr mobile game bridges the unknown with curiosity for an addictive and entertaining game.

IHG paired with Geoguessr to create a whimsical travel-discovery game, based on the original Geoguessr game.

In the Geoguessr game, a user is dropped onto a random location in Google Street view and they are given a map of the world to guess where they are. In the IHG version of the game, the locations are 100 selected IHG hotel locations across the world.

In the mobile world, we know that mobile devices are great for two things: saving time and wasting time. The IHG mobile app saves consumers great amounts of time by speeding their booking and reservation management process up. The IHG Geoguessr game allows users to have fun wasting time during the down times of travel. In the game, users have the flexibility of traveling to a new and exotic location, without ever leaving their phone!

As a bonus, once a user has guessed the location of the hotel, the actual location and name of the hotel is shown.

A fully responsive website was created for IHG Geoguessr. This site was linked to in the mobile app and posted in a social media campaign. A weekly high score list feature was added to increase engagement. Users were given an option to enter their name in the high score list. An important note is that there were no offers of Reward Club points or any tangible user benefits to being on the high score list. Regardless, the high score list is always full of names and users report trying to make the high score list.

The IHG Geoguessr site has been visited about 30k times since launch in early June. After the initial surge of about 1200 visitors a week at launch, we are now seeing a steady 700-800 visitors a week. Importantly, the second highest country to visit the site is China.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2014 Late Fall AwardsBest Mobile Game

Price: Free

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