Interactive Slots

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Interactive Slots

Interactive Slots is the worlds first Skilled based slots app available on IOS and Android!

What are skilled based slots? They are a crazy mix of slot machines and unique skilled feature games, where your winnings are not just based on luck, but your gaming skills!
For the first time ever, players can experience “Slots with Skill" as you win your way to the ultimate payday!

Play the slots, Win the feature and be thrust back in time playing real old school arcade games where your skill determines how many free spins you can earn and ultimately how much you can win!

We have created 15 unique slot games, each with their own world, inspired by the retro games of the 70's & 80's. Each game has its own set of rules, controls and themes, and presented in 2d, 2.5d and 3d.

By utilizing with Amazon Web services we were able to create a modular game system; where the individual slot games along with its corresponding arcade game can be downloaded or deleted from the app, without deleting the game itself, giving the user freedom to customize the app to their liking.

Our social media growth machine is like nothing ever presented on the app market. We took the available SDKs (standard Developer Kits) from multiple social media such as Facebook and twitter and changed interaction with those into rewarded functions in the game, we also utilized the Facebook Graph API to handle the ever-changing leaderboards system and account information for the player.
Our social growth machine allows real time rewarding to allow users to Like, Tweet or share across multiple social media platforms and earn rewards for free!
We created a deep link system and a coupon system, and created a weekly promotion on our Facebook page. The deep link system utilizes the new IOS Universal Links system and Facebook / Android's App link system that supports the latest IOS devices as well as android devices. The deep link is a universal link that allows the player to click on it and be taken directly to the claim coupon prize tab inside the store of interactive slots, or new users to be taken to their devices app store.
Our leaderboards allow the user to view their rankings amongst their friends and players worldwide. Our Freemium system is one that does not pressure players into spending real money- though that option is also available for our die-hard players.

Our business model focuses on players receiving massive rewards for watching ads- and participating in our social community. We have included free ways to earn coins, free ways to earn tokens, and mini games with video rewards systems to ensure that players do not actually have to spend real money to get the same enjoyment and rewards as the old, conventional real money gambling systems.

Interactive slots is a world first game with the idea of a highly tailored experience for users, from storage management, social media presence, Freemimum options and of course, addictive gameplay.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Entertainment

Nominated for: 2017 Summer Awards
Platinum Award
Best Designed Mobile App Interface

Price: Free

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