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Jenz can be described as a “closed social network and a live newsletter”, ideal for mid to large-size communities where employees often lack vision and a bigger picture. The word closed refers to creating a closed space for your company, creating users who are a part of your organization so they are the only ones who can gain access to content published on your Jenz. The app has 8 basic features, which together create a space and ground for sharing information, for communication, feedback, and surveys. The main goal is to and improves company culture by increasing engagement, feedback culture, and transparency. The main focus of the app is the user friendly interface and simplicity to use, which makes it perfect for workers of any age and digitalization. For just 1 min per day, employees can scan the app and stay informed and connected.

As above-mentioned, the app has 8 basic features:
1. Company News and
2. Fun Stories - these two features are both placed on the home newsfeed and are the most used ones. Scrollable news feed with 2 types of stories posted by two types of roles: admin for Official news, and user for Fun stories. Both consist of Image/images/video and title/description.
3. People directory with basic info about each employee and contact information. The list can be filtered by categories (All, New People, Away status, Teams), or a person can be searched by name.
4. Kudos - each user can distribute kudos to any colleague, which is automatically forwarded to that employee’s team lead and emails by admins choice (like HR).
5. Away status - each person can choose their away status when out of office. There are 4 categories, Remote, Holiday, Sick, and Business Trip.
6. Surveys - anonymous surveys with 5 different types of questions available: number rating, star rating, multiple answers, yes/no, and open question.
7. Shoutbox - box for anonymous suggestions or complaints, to 1 or more departments by users' choice.
8. Events calendar with all company-related activities, filtered by categories: Social, Workshop, Visit, or Business Trip.

Google Play URL - the app is not available for the open audience but is currently on this link , available for closed testing only.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2020 Overall Awards
Silver Award
Best Mobile App of 2020

Price: depending on number

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