Joy Sprouts - Kids Preschool Education

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Joy Sprouts - Kids Preschool Education

Joy Sprouts is solving a key problem in nurturing preschoolers.
Preschoolers are not able to tell their parents what they need to develop. Parents are generally not experts in education, they need more information about their children to help them grow.
Many parents know the importance of balanced development. Yet, over 65% of the education app space is crowded by topics such as literacy, math, color and shapes, which can result in an unbalanced educational foundation.

At Joy Sprouts, we believe that every child can achieve their full potential with a balanced approach to learning. We call this approach "Total Development".
Created by educational professionals, Joy Sprouts’ award winning activities adapted from the content of Oxford University Press, and the BBC develop a range of important skills to help with every child’s total development. The app provides personalized reports that allow you to follow your child’s progress across key areas of development.

AGES: 2-6

- Cognition and General Knowledge (Math, Science, and Social studies)
- Language and Literacy
- Learning Approaches
- Social and Emotional Development
- Physical Development and Health

- Games and activities that help develop key skills essential for proper early childhood development.
- World class content from top publishers (e.g., Oxford University Press and the BBC).

- Summary reports detailing your child’s progress, strengths & weaknesses.
- Recommendations from our educational experts on additional modules to help your child reach their full potential.

- Silicon Valley’s TiE50 Awards Winner, recognizing top startups internationally
- Horizon Interactive Awards Gold Winner in Education
- MobEx’s Best Mobile mCommerce Award

“A user-friendly system that provides clear and concise information about a child’s development.”
Principal of a PreK to K School

“I like your product, as well as the way to capture and present the Information back to the parents. As a parent myself, I got it!”
Co-founder of YouTube, Dad of 2 children

“Love the total development concept! Helped me understand the best ways to help my four boys to play and develop, with the user friendly reports.”
Dad of 4 boys – aged 9, 8, 5 and 3 months

“I have given him learning game apps in the past to play and he showed very little interest in them but with Joy Sprouts he does not want to stop playing!” - See more at:

“I think the app is terrific. I appreciate knowing the content in the app comes from early childhood development experts, as well as well known publishers such as Oxford University Press and the BBC,” See more at:

“Now Mary is seven and we use educational apps a lot in our home-school. And one of our new favorites is Joy Sprouts.” - See more at:

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education , Family & Children , Educational

Nominated for: January 2015 AwardsBest App for Children and Toddlers

Price: Free + IAP

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