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Just Wash

Drawing on years of experience across several industry sectors Just Wash combines the latest mobile device technologies with well-established online trading practices to enhance the user experience when booking dry cleaning. Driven by the need connect customers with their favourite or local dry cleaner whilst providing all the features todays on-demand customers are looking for when arranging the collection and delivery. JustWash is the leading company to offer comparison site functionality, review and rating options all through a simple booking process. Additional features include order tracking which can be linked to your calendar for timely reminders and special offers and promotions to help you find the best deal.

Customers that want to find, compare and book with their favourite local dry cleaners can through our easy-to-use mobile app. Packed with features to put the customer in control and making the process as efficient as possible for the often cumbersome, time consuming and disruptive task of dealing with dry cleaning. Walks with heavy dry cleaning or trying to find parking during busy weekends becomes a thing of the past.

Dry Cleaners
JustWash provides many independent quality dry cleaners with a much needed solution to compete in this market which is increasingly becoming more competitive. Dry cleaning businesses benefit from working with us because we provide the latest technology to process, manage and market their services effectively. JustWash helps bring this traditionally offline business up-to-date through technology which enables quality dry cleaners to build stronger relationships with time-pressed local customers.

Press release for attendance at Web Summit http://news.cision.com/dakota-digitalltd/r/revolutionary-tech-start-up-just-wash-confirms-attendance-at-web-summit,c9850432

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