Kiddie App

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Kiddie App

App is a positive pedagogical app for parents with toddlers ages 2-5. Every
parent has a difficult time coping with the challenges of raising toddlers especially
when it comes to bedtime, dinner time and the dreaded potty training, but now
Kiddie App provides you with a fun and educational tool to make everything a
bit easier.

App uses the three “R’s”, Raise, Read and Reward as three key practical tips
that have been proven useful to parents. The app is jam-packed with interactive
stories and sing-a-long songs which will help children learn the desirable
behaviors.  Best of all, using the Reward
Charts can motivate your toddler and at the same time, parents can share their
progress with family and friends on Facebook.  

How it works

Choose an educational theme

Read the interactive stories

Reward your child with stickers on the
digital reward chart

Receive positive feedback and encouragement from
family and friends


Available for any IOS device for free
download. Individual stories are $2.99 and the
3-story bundle is $5.99. 

Interactive stories and sing-a-long songs

Reward charts for each of the educational
themes which include sleeping, eating, potty training and being sweet

·        Includes e-Books for parenting tips 

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education , Family & Children

Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsOverall Best App of 2014

Price: Free



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