KidsCalculate Math Basics

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KidsCalculate Math Basics

KidsCalculate helps children to develop a mental image that helps them to understand preferred methods for solving mental calculations. It treats comparison, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables and learning numbers in 9 foreign languages.

I think the KidsCalculate system may be the best in the world. A detailed comparison with other calculation visualisation systems (like the Abacus, Bead String, Number Line and Montessori Stacking System) can be found at:

Although the focus is primarily educational, some fun is added as encouragement: Mini-games, cut-scene movies, prizes that can be won and crate animations.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education , Educational

Nominated for: 2014 Late Fall AwardsBest App for Children and Toddlers

Price: $2.99

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