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The most engaging app for Brands and Consumers

The Kinnect2 app brings you the most useful features. Connecting brands and consumers have never been easier. It's your one-stop shop to engage, influence and shop online.


With Kinnect2, you will get the maximum utilisation from all the features you need to engage with your brand in real-time.

Create your Profile
Profile lets brands and users manage how they will use Kinnect2.

Kinnect with your friends and family

Kinnect with users whose opinion and feedback you value so you can follow their recommendations and you can recommend products to them.

Share posts on your profile

Posts are a way for one user to interact and engage. Other profiles can engage with the posts by reacting, commenting and sharing.

Dashboard is where a profile can view posts by brands and users. Every users and brands dashboard is customised according to their brands and Kinnectors.

Chat Support: It lets you engage in real time and create a strong relationship with your customers. Doing this would require a team of customer representatives to lend 24-hour support.

Search: Serves the purpose of accessing; a post, photo, video or a link that a user or a brand has shared. Search also helps users look for other users or brands they want to connect.

Market Research

Tools that give brand power to deliver market research to gather consumer insight.


Space to conduct virtual focus group which can either be a closed group or an open group.


Polls offer the ability to seek feedback on specific questions. Polls can range from two to ten choices to choose from.

Battle of Brands

Battle of the brands tool is used for a competitive nature to compare two brands. It can be used for a general comparison or something more specific.

Social Marketplace

The marketplace on Social Media designed to offer social commerce, rewards and virtual currency.

Social Ecommerce

A place where brands can sell their products and consumers can buy on Social media.

Kinnect Coins

Brands need to motivate users for consumer insight; which can be achieved through rewarding on engagement. The reward is in the form of Kinnect2's virtual currency – which the consumers will receive from brands and can redeem it on Social Ecommerce.



Influencers have an effect on individuals buying behaviour. Kinnect2 had simplified and organised Influencers for consumers to follow and brands to target.

Influencer Marketing

Kinnect2 makes it possible for brands and consumers to engage and reach larger audiences with the Influencer Marketing


An automatically generated numerical value for brands and consumers that calculate their engagement on Kinnect2.


The more the user and the brand engage the higher the Skore will be, and the profile will be placed on the Leaderboard accordingly. It also helps brands identify the key influencers.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Lifestyle , Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2016 June Awards
Gold Award
Best Social or Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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