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For Individuals;

No more hesitation or confusion, let the public or your private friends help you choose. Not sure about what to wear when going out? Snap some pics of the options and let the people decide. Unsure about which topic to study? Simple; type the domains that attracts you in and hear the public's opinion on which is better. Mothers' day gift? Best song? Most attractive photo? Funniest clip? Best restaurant? Coolest product? This can apply to almost anything!

Always go out in style.

Confidentiality: Bring out the side of you no-one has seen before. For all those people that don't speak up in real life and/or on social media… here all your opinions would be anonymous and no-one would know who has participated so feel free to be your true self.

Get inspired: Be in fashion, redecorating, eating, buying, listening to, watching, exploring or even studying: You can view what others are doing and get inspired to implement their ideas in your own life!

Sharing: Not sure what to include in your poll? Ask your friends to create it with you! They can amend, add or delete if you want them to. This way your poll may be much better and attracts more participants.

Not sure which picture to post on Instagram or Facebook ask the public or your friends to choose between them. When you get the results you can choose to post the results on pretty much any social media you prefer.

For Businesses;

Lavoice will be able to help businesses from all sectors in many ways; which products to go for, which market to get in, what decision should be made, who is employee of the year, what do you think about your boss, customer feedback and satisfaction surveys, and more and more,,,

For Governments;

Election and voting , who is the best candidate for mayor or government or presidency , what people think about services and different sectors. There is no limitation with Lavoice application without any doubt, just be creative and differently your question and your poll will get answered honestly and with instant result.

Lavoice app is a new trend for social media and the first to provide collaborative, mix media poll for voting with instant results at your fingertips. Get honest opinion as no voter identity shared.

A unique collaborative , mix social media mobile application allows people to raise their queries or intrests for any subjects then poll it to friends or all app users to get their votes with instant results

Lavoice application have a multiple unique options available in the app such as; collaborative poll make easy (allowing 1-4 people to create a single post), mix media captured in one poll, creating a poll is very easy, instant results, easy voting, lifting embarrassment of voters by not showing their choices when they vote which helps in giving honest opinion, allowing poll owner to share or hide the results, re-poll option for allowed and not allowed, easy share poll with other social media . setting time option for each poll, can be used in any sectors (multiple categories) . Lavoice app managed to convert voting and surveying system to be a delightful social media experience.

Lavoice mobile application is the best toll for surveying and voting system in the social media for individuals, businesses and governments;

we managed to fit surveying and polling system in a social media context. We made formulating of a poll or a survey in a much easy and unique formate which can absorb small or big subject. We managed to create space for easy mix media collection setup and most importantly collaborative poll which allows 1-4 people to create one post/poll together

Lavoice mobile application is just newly released and available in both AppStore and Google play store for immediate download.

Application is pending for patent.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Entertainment , Lifestyle , Media, Music & Video , Social Media / Networking , Other

Nominated for: 2016 June AwardsBest Social or Lifestyle App

Price: FREE

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