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Lyrecord is an app for the aspiring musician, designed to be the perfect assistant. One of my favourite hobbies is playing the guitar and practising my singing, but I was always frustrated that I would learn how to play a song and then not fully remember the chords a couple of months later. This frustration was extended in campfire-style singalong sessions, where my mind would blank and in the moment not even remember all the songs I had learned. Enter Lyrecord.

Lyrecord's first and primary feature is a song and chord storage tool. With an exciting, dynamic and intuitive UI, when a user learns a new song, they are able to note down the song name and artist and the chords to all the different parts of the song. The process of inputting chords is designed to be as flexible and frictionless as possible, which results in a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Based on the core concept of a chord progression that can have any number of song parts assigned to it, this flexibility is granted through the ability to write any number of chord progressions, duplicate or delete existing chord progressions, and reorder chord progressions at any time. The result is an interface where the user is able to input the chords exactly the way they want to view them.

So now, with Lyrecord I had an app that meant I would never forget the chords to a song again. It was also an epic feeling to just have a list of all the songs I could play in my pocket, and incredibly inspiring to keep learning more songs and adding to the list. But my cravings for the perfect learner-musician app didn't stop there.

As I mentioned earlier, one of my biggest hobbies is playing the guitar and singing. And I used to be hopeless at singing, honestly pretty close to tone-deaf; but like anything, I got a lot better through a lot of practice. This is where another one of my frustrations started to creep in: to practice, I used to use the voice memos app to record myself playing and then listen back to see how I sounded. This worked great, but resulted in hundreds of unnamed recordings that were impossible to navigate through if I wanted to find a specific song. Of course, I could have named them all but that seemed incredibly tedious when all I wanted to be doing was playing the guitar. Enter Lyrecord (again).

Imagine this: you're learning a song and have all the chords exactly how you like them on your phone in front of you. Now, you can open up a view that shows you all the recordings you have for that song and playback any one of them. And at the bottom of this view is a nice big record button where you can start a new recording, which collapses the list of recordings above it so you can see the chords as you play and record. This almost sounds too good to be true coming from my days of just using the voice memos app, but it's exactly how Lyrecord's record functionality works.

Gone are the days where I was recording on my phone and needed to pull up the chords on my laptop. Gone are the days where I would lose patience and mass delete unnamed voice memo recordings because I couldn't keep track of them.

Lyrecord takes a pioneer's step forward to integrating everything a musician needs to excel. Now users can see the chords to a song and record themselves playing all in the same interface, and all the recordings are neatly organised by song so users can always find the recordings they want and keep track of the ones that sound the best. Lyrecord has revolutionised the way I practice playing guitar and singing, and I have seen incredible impacts in both my abilities and determination to keep getting better. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Media, Music & Video

Nominated for: 2020 Spring Awards
Silver Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: 1.99

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