M.E Personal Trainer: Gym Workouts & Fitness

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M.E Personal Trainer: Gym Workouts & Fitness

The most difficult decision when training is choosing the right exercises. Not only the right exercises, but also trying new exercises as well. You usually repeat exercises you love, know, or simply find easier. This app solves this issue by making it clear which exercises were already performed in a workout and also allow you to create random workouts by simply submitting which muscle group you want to train or by subscribing to a workout plan. You will also find it easy for you to track your progress in exercises i.e. in terms of weights and reps throughout your training journey after creating and performing workouts. Moreover, we have a huge list of exercises and workout plans that are being updated regularly along with videos and detailed descriptions on how to perform a certain exercise!

To sum up, these are the main features:
• Subscribe to workout plans
• Browse a huge list of exercises
• Create workouts using the workout wizard
• Create custom workouts and start training
• Share workouts and share your record board!
• View workouts history and check how you are progressing
• Never have to perform the same exercise twice! by having a flag label below exercise indicating that this exercise was performed before
• View similar exercises and quick add them to a workout
• Track the amount of workouts performed in a month

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2021 January Awards
Gold Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: Free

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