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MedFlyt is a cloud-based web platform and mobile app that changes the way homecare agencies staff, train and onboard caregivers to improve in-home care for patients. MedFlyt’s technology helps to facilitate and streamline operations, while also empowering caregivers to be accountable for their work.

The pandemic has forced the homecare industry to adapt sooner than expected, creating a skills/training gap as patients rely on in-home health care. As patients’ needs continue to change, technology must evolve to reflect these shifts. Now more than ever, we need homecare providers more readily available and more easily accessible for patients and their families.

The only mobile-based offering with a suite of home care management products, MedFlyt alleviates these concerns with software that brings the convenience of a native mobile app to caregiver staffing, training, remote onboarding, COVID-19 screening and clinical documentation, while also helping to increase retention of caregivers and provide proper training. MedFlyt utilizes Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) software to modernize the agency-to-caregiver coordination process, increase convenience and provide the necessary resources to ensure quality care for every patient—all with a smartphone.

At a time when ‘social distancing’ is among the major measures used to fight COVID-19 pandemic, home care providers are looking to new technologies as a key ingredient to safely and efficiently optimize service delivery. As Federal and State policymakers demonstrate an increased willingness to expand rules/regulations for reimbursement, new covered benefits are emerging in order to leverage technologies that protect beneficiaries from exposure to COVID-19. MedFlyt is a revolutionary SaaS company that has taken advantage of this opportunity and created a web-based ecosystem and mobile application that changes the way home care agencies are conducting online staffing, online training, and remote onboarding. Now more than ever, these elements are critical to ensure ‘social distancing’ while providing greater, more efficient access to care. Caregivers can arm themselves with an innovative tool that not only digitizes the entire caregiving experience but also tracks patient data and quality of care metrics in real time. The MedFlyt team has created its own online course for COVID-19 with original content to train and empower caregivers per CDC and New York State Department of Health guidelines. It has also added a COVID-19 pre-screening tool to screen both caregivers and patients in the home.

MedFlyt provides virtual, in-home care solutions for at-risk populations that have limited access to health care services as well as reduce risk for health care providers in clinical settings, by offering approaches for increasing protection of clinical staff.

Further, ongoing caregiver training matters for retention, but providers say the process can be time-consuming to complete. Underscoring an increased need for caregivers, the 64% turnover rate within this industry sheds a bleak reality for the future of senior care and showcases a real need for change. That's where MedFlyt steps in, providing new solutions for caregivers and their agencies that help simplify the process, resulting in higher job satisfaction, lower churn rate and improved morale.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Other

Nominated for: 2020 October AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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