MeetingMogul – One Touch Conference Call Dialer Business Calendar App

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MeetingMogul – One Touch Conference Call Dialer Business Calendar App

Introduced in 2014 by Folio3 Software Inc., MeetingMogul brings a mobile-first approach to meetings that uses mobile and web technology to simplify preparation, attendance and follow-up for meetings, especially those involving remote teams participating via phone.

MeetingMogul was initially developed for companies in sectors whose executives, employees, contractors and partners participate regularly in multiple meetings -- particularly those who travel international where calling may be subject to the high cost of mobile roaming.

The MeetingMogul app offers one-touch dialing into any conference call from a user’s smartphone, a relief to anyone who has ever had to remember all the numbers to dial into a conference call only to then be asked to enter a PIN or Room Code. The app also offers collaboration and cost-saving features, such as automated low-cost VOiP dialing for international calls to avoid exorbitantly priced roaming charges.

Based on their personal experiences with other conference-calling technology, Folio3 developers designed MeetingMogul with the most accurate call-detection algorithms to assure that users are less likely to become frustrated because a wrong or incomplete conferencing number got dialed. They also built in better collaboration features, such as shared notes, meeting agendas and the ability to share follow-up notes to help participants get the most out of any meeting, not just conference calls.

With MeetingMogul, no setup is needed. Users install the app and get started right away. The application automatically recognizes and syncs with the phone’s calendar to import scheduled meetings and conference calls while also integrating with leading CRM services, Salesforce and NetSuite. MeetingMogul key features include one-touch dialing instead of the hassle of having to enter lengthy strings of numbers for country codes, conferencing bridges and meeting ID codes.

Other MeetingMogul features include enhanced collaboration tools such as easy sharing of meeting notes, recordings and summaries, as well as call reminders, and an in-app ability to connect with and notify other meeting participants of delays or other pertinent details. The app also offers the option to customize the dialing sequence, save frequently used bridges and adding calling cards to save cost while traveling.

A free version of the MeetingMogul app is downloadable from the Apple App Store and from Google Play. An enterprise version of the app that includes low-cost dialing and additional collaboration features will be available in late 2015 under license to companies at $20 per user per month, plus calling charges if they use the VoIP service Folio3 provides for international calling.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Productivity

Nominated for: 2015 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Best Business & Productivity App

Price: Free

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