Milos Travel Guide

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Milos Travel Guide

Mobile application Milos Travel Guide is the official travel/tourist guide for the island of Milos. The application is a useful tool for all those that wish to visit Milos, but also for all those that are interested to know more about this beautiful island of the Agean sea.

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The application connects directly to Milos Municipality website and uploads all the required information in two languages, English and Greek. In the near future application will support Italian as well. 

Purpose of the application is to provide information about the area and local businesses of the island, and also the provision of basic information to the local populace and visitors fast and easy.

User of the application have access to information regarding inland transportation and the types of transportation available to him in order to reach the island, useful phone numbers and links. Application also provides information about residence and restaurants per area.

At the same time there is a complete catalog regarding beaches, villages, museums. archaeological sites, traditional picturesque villages, religious and significant sight scenes, history and general information of the island.

The application offers information regarding activities and other touristic services available any time in the users disposal. Through the calendar you can review events that will take place in the island with exact time and date. In addition user has the ability to read about news of the island as they get published in the official website of Milos. 

Content of the application gets enriched ( in every level ) by quality photographic material.

User can have a clear view about the weather in the island because the application highlights the current conditions with graphical display, offers prognosis for the two upcoming days and also provides additional information about astronomy( Sunrise-Sunset ), wind and atmosphere. 

The application offers as function, map of the island where you can see all the points of interest giving the ability to filter them and also the ability of automatic search of the things you want to view from the application database. In addition it gives the ability of getting instructions from the current map location ( navigation ) supporting regular, satellite and hybrid look. 

Finally, the user has at his disposal the search function through dynamic filters, which makes the application extremely easy to use and navigation friendly. 

The innovative function of the application consists to its absolute connection with Milos Municipality website using (and shaping) from there all of the content.

Due to this connection, application's content is dynamic and fully updated without extra costs for the user. 

Second innovative function of the application is that it is usable in both online and offline mode allowing the user to download data on real time even if he is not connected to the internet. 

Advantages and characteristics

  • Dynamic content
  • Website synchronization. Full administration of the application's content from the administrative system of the website.
  • Without additional costs
  • Same content
  • Content changes in the website -> Automatic changes in the mobile application
  • Application functionality in Online and Offline Mode
  • Online Mode: You can use the application when online, downloading data in real time.
  • Offline mode: You can synchronize the application once in order to be able to use it even if you are not connected to the internet.
  • iOS & Android compatibility
  • Multilingual. The application supports multiple languages and shows the data of the required language based on the device settings.
  • Geographical localization-navigation (GPS)
  • Direct call from the device
  • Direct email sending from the device(Touch2Email)
  • Receiving messages-offers even with the application closed (Push Notifications)
  • Photo gallery
  • Search field inside the application
  • Dynamic search fields
  • Display functionality of relevant entries
  • Map
  • Viewing points of interest (POI) on a map
  • Filtering capability (search fields) POI.
  • Automatically finds correlated entries in the application database
  • Calendar functionality and appearance of happenings (events) in a list format, providing day and month.
  • Display functionality of weather forecast and additional information
  • News display functionality through direct sync from the website.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2013 Overall AwardsBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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