Motif Messenger

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Motif Messenger

Configure your ringtone, notification sound and contact photo on a friends phone

Motif Messenger by Mobile Focus is the Android app that lets you configure your ringtone, notification sound and contact photo on a friends phone. That's right the settings you want for your contact profile on someone else's phone. Developed by three guys from Baltimore City who were looking to provide users with more control of their mobile persona.

Motif Messenger is the only app that allows a user to remotely configure his/her contact settings (ringtone, notification sound and contact photo) on another person's phone. Want to express how you feel before a friend answers your call or before they read your text message? Maybe it's your anniversary and you want to remind that special someone of an original moment or maybe your favorite team just won the big game and you want all of your friends to know how excited you really are. No matter the occasion Motif Messenger puts you in control of how you look and sound on someone else's phone.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Entertainment , Social and Networking

Nominated for: September 2015 Awards
Platinum Award
Best social / lifestyle app

Price: Free

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