Muscle Builder

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Muscle Builder

Advanced Step Counter

  • Set daily challenges and walk off the weight
  • Track steps throughout the morning, lunch, afternoon and night.
  • See your most active times of the day.
  • Track your weight loss in stunning graphs.
  • Start toning muscle with over 200 exercises.
  • Tracks steps when screen is on to maximize battery life.

Create personal workouts around your schedule:

  • Select long or short workouts.
  • Select how many days a week you can workout.
  • Create a personal goal and see progress in 12 weeks.
  • Train like a pro with exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorean Yates have regularly used.
  • Records everything you do so you don't have to remember anything.

Learn how to build muscle:

  • It has an interactive tool that teaches you about your body, muscles and recovery time.
  • Learn about the individual muscles of the Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back and Legs.
  • Understand sets and reps.

 Advanced Workout Statistics:

  • Workout Calendar shows everything you have ever done using this app.
  • View your progress in stunning graphs.
  • Track your weak-points
  • Track your least used muscles and exercises.
  • Track your most used muscles and exercises.

 Get out of your comfort zone:

  • Shows your least used exercises and muscles.
  • Make gains by utilizing by developing your weakest muscles.

 Recover faster:

  • Muscle Builder shows your recovery time for each workout, ?recover faster and maximize those muscle gains!
  • Everybody is different, so set your own recovery time for specific exercises and avoid over training!

 Stay motivated:

  • Comes with over 200 motivation quotes to get you pumped!
  • View all your workouts in 3D interactive paper journal!

 Track your progress:

  • Track your weight as you burn fat and build muscle.
  • View your weight goals in stunning graphs and charts.
  • Share your progress with everyone!


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Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Health & Fitness

Nominated for: 2013 Overall AwardsBest App of 2013

Price: 1.99

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