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News Republic

Information is power. Arm yourself so you are always in the know with this award-winning mobile app which personalizes 1000 global news sources.

We are optimists and idealists who are mission driven: our mission is to enable engaged citizenship by providing information with purpose. Start a conversation on issues that matter.

Our award winning app brings you all the news you care about without the noise you don’t.
Inform yourself from multiple perspectives because every story has more than one side.

News Republic is the top-rated news app on the Appstore and on the Google Play store. Avail in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian for smartphones, tablets and wearables.

User ratings: consistently highest amongst news apps 4.5++
Awards: Google Editor's Choice; Best iOS8 apps; Tabby for Best Android News App; SIGNL momentum award for growth in social momentum, Lead411 Hottest Companies in SF award; Lovies - people's choice award for best news app;
Reviews: "A cure for Infobesity" - CNET; ... see other rave reviews on our website

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad , Windows Phone

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Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsOverall Best App of 2014 2014 Late Fall AwardsBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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