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News Republic

News Republic delivers unparalleled access to news from around the world for today's global citizens. With stories originating from 1,600 sources, 40 countries and 37 languages, and extreme personalization tools at your fingertips, no other news provider offers such a relevant, informative and thought-provoking view of the world.

News Republic was designed for convenience and ease of use in your mobile and social world. It's beautiful and intuitive, fast and fluid – allowing you to easily digest and share news that matters to you, wherever you are.

No other news source features the same level of access and personalization, with the ability to customize your topics, regions, languages and even your sources. With more than a million topics, you can create channels for everything from your favorite sports team, to your top hobby. And the more you read, the smarter News Republic gets on your behalf, thanks to its algorithmic intelligence, pushing news that is the most relevant to you.

News Republic delivers news on every topic imaginable. From sports to pop culture, politics to finance, the wide array of media partners include AFP, Al Jazeera, Associated Press, The Atlantic, BBC, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNET, CNN International, Cosmopolitan, Digital Trends, Engadget, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, India Today, Los Angeles Times, PopSugar, Quartz, Reuters, Russia Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Verge, Vice and The Weather Channel.

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