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Have you ever suddenly wanted to check what was left in your fridge while shopping for food? With nosh app, you can track your food inventory and expiry dates while you get recipe suggestions on the items in your fridge.

Nosh app was initially developed to provide a virtual window to your kitchen.

Nosh App format and features:
After you have bought the food products you simply insert them into the nosh app along with their expiry dates, - you can either insert the products manually or you can scan the barcode of the food products. Rest, leave it on to nosh to remind you to consume the food before they expire or run out of “best by" date.

Other features of nosh include:
• Suggested Recipes: Nosh suggests recipes on the stocked food products in-app so that you can effectively consume them before their “expiry date" or “best by".
• Streamlined Solution: The perfect solution for all kind of food and waste management, nosh app will make your stock management visible and more accurate than ever. Nosh has colour coding for food with different types of expiry dates/best buy so that it is easier for you to recognize the products.
• Smart Inventory Tracking: Track all foods in your inventory in 'Stocked' section. Any food addition and removal, expiry dates, remaining stocks, and the number of each type of remaining food, are all in nosh for you to monitor.
• Smart Shopping List: Create your own personalized shopping list in-app. With our convenient marking and continuity features make shopping hassle-free.
• Weekly analytics: Get your weekly buying and food waste habits so that you can make an informed decision on what food items to buy or not to buy the next time. An in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm helps you with the weekly analytics to make a smarter decision on shopping such that you can reduce food waste in the household.
• Modern UI: The app now comes with an improved user interface (UI), researched to provide a far better user experience (UX). This means you will love using nosh even more and start saving money & food.

Why did we create nosh?

The app was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic totally changing most people's food buying habits – from stockpiling groceries in the early weeks of the crisis to shopping less often, at different times and in different ways. This has meant households run the risk of having more food waste as they adapt to new shopping routines.

Computer scientists from the University of Essex's School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering joined forces with colleagues in the University of Engineering and Management (UEM) in Kolkata, India to develop the free smartphone app for iOS and Android, capable of reminding households of the expiry date of the stocked items before they expire.

What do our customers say about us?
In the first week of nosh app's release, it already gained three hundred active users and in less than a month of its release nosh app crossed one thousand combined active users on Android and iPhone.

Across iOS and Android platforms the nosh app has maintained an overwhelming rating and review of five stars in average. Some of the top reviews on nosh app mention it as follows:

“Excellent Innovative product",
“Very beneficial app",
“Makes food management so easy!",
“Best app on the App Store!"

Except for the customers' amazing reviews, in the first month of release nosh app has also ranked 8th for "Top New Free" apps in the Productivity category in the UK's Google Play Store, and ranked 887th among the millions of apps in the UK's Apple App Store. The app has also received a lot of attention in India in its first month of release, and the app is ranked at 732nd for free apps in the Apple App Store.

What do the media say about us?
Within this first month of nosh app's release, nosh has been featured in more than twenty top media channels and publications including Business Insider, Yahoo News, CNBC, MSN News, Business Weekly, Gadgets Now and Echo News. Read some of nosh app's popular features published by media as follows:

• Business Insider:
• Yahoo! News:
• Business Weekly:–-food-app-tracks-'sell-'-dates-and-alerts-you
• Echo News:

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Productivity

Nominated for: 2020 Spring AwardsBest New Mobile App 2020 Spring AwardsBest Mobile App Design

Price: Free

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