NQ Family Guardian™

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NQ Family Guardian™

Teens aged 13 to 17 are the world’s fastest growing group of smartphone owners. And while that demographic is spending increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices, the devices themselves have more capabilities than ever. At the same time, reports of behaviors such as bullying and sexting are everywhere.

It’s not surprising that parents are concerned about kids’ mobile security and privacy!

NQ Family Guardian eliminates that fear factor for parents, giving them a simple, cost-effective and complete mobile safety and monitoring app suite. Helping establish a healthy balance of protection and communication, NQ Family Guardian uniquely enables parents to way set boundaries and limits within their child’s smartphone, while also monitoring and communicating with them in times of need. It includes an app that is installed on the child’s smartphone (Android only), along with a Web-based control center that is accessible from any desktop or mobile browser.

NQ Family Guardian effectively keeps the “bad stuff” out while giving kids the freedom to use their smartphones safely and productively. The app can be used to restrict usage during certain times, prohibit access to inappropriate content, send notification if the child is outside of a pre-established area and even protect the child from online and offline threats. The web-based portal allows parents to supervise their child’s mobile activity from any browser, helping them monitor their child’s activity at any time and from anyplace and maintain their peace of mind.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Family & Children

Nominated for: 2013 Spring AwardsBest App - Spring 2013

Price: 1 year subscrition: $34.99

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